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Our Atlas Dealer Services Team

Focused on Client Success

Insurance Experience & Automotive Professionals

Our employees have an incredible depth of knowledge and insurance experience as well as a background in automotive retailing and recruiting. We know that any organization is only as good as its people, and we work to maintain and grow our staff with those individuals committed to providing only the top tier level of service to our clients.

Corporate Values

Fast Customer Response

It’s easy to say you offer awesome customer support, but another thing to deliver on the promise. We work hard and long to respond to issues, challenges, and tech support problems with our clients. And while no one is perfect, it’s something we strive for every day.

Ongoing Training & More Training

With constant changes in programs, regulations, and rates we continually communicate with clients and their staff to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest programs and information that will bring benefits to their customers.

Rahim Virani

Chief Executive Officer 

Rahim started his professional career working as an auditor in the oil and gas industry at Deloitte & Touche. He later obtained his juris doctorate degree and practiced as a real estate attorney in New York before moving back to his hometown of Houston to begin his career in insurance. Rahim enjoys the challenge of running an insurance agency. He knows the success of the agency depends on having a great team to provide exceptional customer service to all of the agency’s clients.

Kevin Bradberry

National Director of Operations 

With his military background and a college degree in hand, Kevin entered the auto industry in the mid 90’s. He worked his way up to management level positions and then in 2000 he founded TK Worldwide, Inc.to help dealers find, hire and train employees at every level and department in the dealership. He went on to turn TK Worldwide, Inc. into one of the premier automotive recruiting companies and built strong relationships with Ford Motor Company and their dealer network, as well as powerful programs with Allstate Insurance.

He has contributed articles to most of the major automotive publications and has spoken at numerous conferences.  Auto USA’s – Star Leader called Kevin’s company, “One of the automotive industry’s top recruitment and training organizations,” and he was featured in the ask the experts column of that magazine. In addition to holding dealership workshops on industry best practices, Kevin gives on-camera interviews for various video news media outlets. His role at Atlas Dealer Services is to identify auto dealerships looking to expand the depth of their dealerships while finding new revenue streams.  He can be reached via phone at (713) 904-4877.

Bruce Kestenbaum

Dealership Operations Facilitator

With 35+ years of insurance experience in the business, Bruce is well versed in all aspects of the insurance agency business. He has worked in agencies, for insurance carriers, and for the last five years gained street creds by running an Automobile Dealership Agency. This provided firsthand experience in seeing how an agency interacts with an automotive dealership and their processes.

His leadership skills and focus on the end-goals means he is ready to assist dealerships in hitting the ground running when opening a captive insurance agency. Additionally, his knowledge of insurance, marketing, management, operations, finance, underwriting, sales and customer service makes him an invaluable resource for dealers getting into the insurance business.

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