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Use The Best Resources For Revenue Growth

Dealer owners and managers have an entrepreneurial spirit, but in many cases, they are too busy running their operations and little time to grow their operations . . . and revenue.  For many dealers, it’s a matter of limited budgets. There are 4,900 auto dealers in the USA who own only one rooftop, and another 1,289 that have two locations?  Many of these stores are in suburban or rural communities and their sales and service margins don’t allow for a full-time marketing director to create, develop, and implement programs to bring in new customers and revenue streams.  With new technology, social channels, and a professional affiliate culture; there are now incredible resources any dealer can leverage to boost profits.

Insurance: The Silent Profit Engine

One of the out-of-the-box revenue opportunities is to open an insurance agency within the dealership. Think about the thousands of customers in your database.  They buy vehicles; have homes, rent apartments, own boats, RV’s and motorcycles, and purchase other types of insurance every day.  Why shouldn’t an auto dealer leverage current relationships and offer to provide existing customers with awesome coverage, at great rates?  These insurance customers then provide one more reason to keep in touch and explore more sales or service engagement opportunities.  There are multiple ways that dealers can offer insurance products. It can be accomplished with a hands-on program or can be done with the help of an existing agency with great resources to provide the engine behind the profits.  It all starts with finding out how programs work and exploring all the benefits that are available. We invite you to contact us here at Atlas Dealer Services by calling (713) 904-4877 and walk through an eye-opening, informative presentation.

Engagement Marketing: A Challenge & Powerful Opportunity

Community auto dealers in secondary markets are challenged when it comes to developing marketing strategies that build their Atlas Dealer Servicesbrand, generate strong showroom traffic and prospects, and build employee morale across the entire operation.  Ad Agencies are out of reach, OEM Co-op programs never seem to fulfill the promises of the vendor, and do-it-yourself programs are often lacking in results.

Dealers Marketing Network has solved those issues and offers cost-effective solutions that benefit local dealers in several ways. They offer a choice of programs covering local promotional events, social media activities, reputation marketing, a dealer video channel, consulting time to develop community-specific programs, and a service that helps dealers identify vendors that offer good solutions for their market.

Their program starts with an audit of the dealer’s current marketing activities, vendors, and campaign results. Then, they develop a strategy specific to the dealership for an initial deployment. Examples of what this could involve include digital and social media tactics, a blog, and showroom point-of-sale materials and unique, traffic-driving promotions.

The Dealers Marketing Network is offered on a market exclusive basis. Simply put, when a dealer signs onto the program, it will be the only dealer in its market area with access to the dynamic Dealers Marketing Network programs.

Auto dealers benefit from the network in the same way a local television station benefits from being an affiliate of ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC. Clients have access to exclusive programming that is hard to compete with because it is well researched, targeted, and strategically planned.

Over the past few years,s technology has often been a two-edged sword for auto dealers. Now dealers in the network will be able to leverage creative talent and technology to generate more sales and service business and build relationships for future sales too.

Dealers can read more about the program at www.dealersmarketingnetwork.com  or call (216)712-6712 to learn how this program can differentiate your dealership from the competition.